Sunday 13 July 2014


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White Kimono - New Look (sold out) | Butterfly Dress - Primark | Gold Leaf Necklace - Forever21 | Maxi Low Jelly Shoes - JuJu | 'Grafea Dupe' Rucksack - Primark

I always know it's officially summer when barbecuing dinner becomes a regular occurrence. This weather has been amazing & just makes me want to buy lots of dresses! I'd seen a very similar dress to this one in Next recently & almost picked it up so I'm quite glad I had my sensible shopping head on that day since I bagged this cute shift dress from Primark for only £13! I don't know about anyone else but when I shop in Primark I forget that I'm spending actual money since everything's so cheap I use this as the excuse to just take everything I pick - it's a bit of a problem! I pop in for one thing & end up with at least one thing from every department. (and the usual bobby pins, hair bobbles, nail files, lashes etc..) Please tell me I'm not the only one. 

The white lace kimono is a new favourite although I've worn it a couple of times now & it doesn't wash very well. The tassles get all tangled and it loses it's shape a little but once it's ironed & the strands have been straightened out it's not so bad! 

I think this is the first that my JuJu jelly shoes have made an appearance on my blog. They're really comfortable & I think they look really cute. Sometimes in the Summer it's difficult to wear a full shoe without looking too clumpy but I think that jelly shoes with their cut-out details serve as a good in-betweeny from a sandal & a shoe. Plus as we already know I class a pastel pink as a neutral so I've had plenty of wear from these.

I hope everyone has been taking advantage of this beautiful weather! Have a great week.

Monday 7 July 2014


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Top, Pink Pastel Biker & White Rucksack - Primark | Jeans & Sliders - Matalan  

For those of you who follow my instagram (here!) you'll know that I'm super pleased with this little find. I'd had my heart set on the pastel pink biker from Zara from the minute I laid eyes on it. At the time, I thought it was a bit crazy to pay the price for such a heavy jacket given the fact Summer was approaching & I didn't know what our Glasgow weather had in store. It's safe to say I'm happy that I did leave it since I found this beautiful lil number in Primark at a fraction of the price! It's a great dupe in terms of the colour and the stitching detail however the Zara one is collarless which to be honest I'm not as big a fan of so this was such a winning buy. Even though it's PU, it's really soft so there's no squeaking from the arms when walking around. 

I'm loving ripped jeans just now - they're so chic & summery! Admittedly I have been grudging buying a pair of ripped knee denims because I have plenty of pairs at home that could do with a make-over anyway. This was a last minute effort when I literally just took a pair of scissors and snipped away. If you're looking to achieve this look then note that you should cut straight across but then take away a little material too, this will help to show some more skin. Simply pick the edge to fray it & you're look is complete! 

I've co-ordinated my favourite white sliders & this beautiful white backpack to keep the look fresh and bright. This is probably going to be a wardrobe staple for me this summer because I can fit sooo much in it - including my camera which is perfect. It's a pity I can't fit that my gorgeous wee Lola in it, she's always such a poser when I'm snapping my blog pictures - couldn't resist posting it!

What do you think of this look? Have you got a good Summer dupe you'd like to share?

Thursday 3 July 2014


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Waterproof mascara was never really something I'd considered until this year. For me, I think of stubborn formulas that won't budge when you want to remove your make-up and flakes when you'd prefer it to stay on! Since we've had a few nice days in Glasgow, I've noticed that in the beautiful heat, sometimes my mascara on my lower lashes tends to bleed a little on to my under eye area & that's just no use! 

In a bid to salvage my days make-up, I headed to Superdrug where I spotted this new product from Bourjois. I picked up the product in black & as you'll see from the photographs it's a plastic combed brush - something I was never a fan of until recently! I think the study material of these type of applicators tends to have the strength required to really lift the lashes when applying such a heavy amount of product for a fuller effect. 

Unlike many products of this nature, Volume 1 Seconde really lives up to it's quick and voluminous claims. I could literally do one swipe to each eye if I was running late and have a thick, long-lasting look. Working in such a busy environment & working long hours means that the product has really been put through it's paces. No flaking or bleeding the entire day & when it comes to removing it comes off like butter when using the correct kind of make-up removal.

I'd say this not only a poolside/beach essential  but also everyday if like me you're looking for something to stay all day.