Hello, I'm Ashleigh & welcome to my blog! After much deliberation & persuasion I decided to enter the world of blogging with a little push in the right direction by my lovely friend Eilidh (maisymeow)

I'm a 21 year old fashion graduate from Glasgow with big dreams in an unfortunately small city. I created Fairy Fatale in a bid to rekindle my love for fashion journalism and to share my thoughts on beauty products, styling & trends.

Although I'm all for current trends, I like most people don't have a luxury shopping budget every month (ahhh... we can all dream, can't we?!) so I like to mix it up with my wardrobe staples & some little bargains I find.

As a recovering M.A.C addict (with a coincidentally healthier bank balance) I love to experiment with new make-up products whether they're high end or high street, I give completely honest reviews & would only recommend products that I would personally use and spend my own pennies on. I also like trying out new make-up techniques particularly due to the fact that I'm majorly partial to dramatic eye make-up & lashes - I'm not scared to go there! (i've sported black lipstick on two occasions lol!)  I'm a total sucker for a superscrimper at home beauty remedy for a lotion or potion made up from things you can find rummaging the cupboards, although sometimes disastrous - I'm willing to be the guinea pig! 

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