Thursday 3 July 2014


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Waterproof mascara was never really something I'd considered until this year. For me, I think of stubborn formulas that won't budge when you want to remove your make-up and flakes when you'd prefer it to stay on! Since we've had a few nice days in Glasgow, I've noticed that in the beautiful heat, sometimes my mascara on my lower lashes tends to bleed a little on to my under eye area & that's just no use! 

In a bid to salvage my days make-up, I headed to Superdrug where I spotted this new product from Bourjois. I picked up the product in black & as you'll see from the photographs it's a plastic combed brush - something I was never a fan of until recently! I think the study material of these type of applicators tends to have the strength required to really lift the lashes when applying such a heavy amount of product for a fuller effect. 

Unlike many products of this nature, Volume 1 Seconde really lives up to it's quick and voluminous claims. I could literally do one swipe to each eye if I was running late and have a thick, long-lasting look. Working in such a busy environment & working long hours means that the product has really been put through it's paces. No flaking or bleeding the entire day & when it comes to removing it comes off like butter when using the correct kind of make-up removal.

I'd say this not only a poolside/beach essential  but also everyday if like me you're looking for something to stay all day.


  1. This is so weird - I have never had a problem with my bottom lashes until I noticed it today, and then I read your post that you've had the same problem! There must be something in the air lol! I'm going to give this one a go and see if it helps xxx

    1. Aw seriously?! That's mad. This is a really good one if you're thinking about picking one up :-) xxx

  2. I bought the non waterproof one and love it. I don't normally buy waterproof mascara for the same reasons as you, what make up remover do you use? Might give this one a try xx

    1. Ahhh I didn't know they did a non-waterproof one! That's worth knowing!! Just the Garnier 2in1 purple & clear one that you shake xxx