Monday 2 June 2014


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Primark flowery shorts

Cream Cardigan £10, Cami £6 & Sunglasses - Matalan | Floral Shorts, Nude Sandals & Necklace  Primark | Bag - River Island

I went to my Mum & Dad's on Friday with Fraser for an unplanned little BBQ dinner! Since I found out when I was just finishing work at 5pm, I knew I had hardly any time to plan an outfit other than spending my train journey home visualising combos. In all honesty, I'd actually forgotten that I'd bought these gorgeous little floral shorts from Primark! I'd been putting off wearing them as I was still undecided on which kind of top would go on best with them. I think this turquoise cami matches in perfectly as it's a tone of the blue on the shorts. I've accessorised with my pink bag from River Island and threw on my favourite nude sandals which literally go with everthing! Having only 20 minutes to come home & get ready, my result isn't too bad actually! 

Have you ever had to rush an outfit together? 


  1. Literally one post in and I'm hooked! The mention of Malibu was a winner I must add... Those floral shorts are beaut! Will definitely get a lot of wear out of them. I wish I could knock up an outfit in 20 mins, I umm and ahh for at least an hour :(

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    1. Aww thanks love you're too kind! Yeah the Malibu would have swung it for me too in fairness haha!! They're nice huh? Cute wee bargain buy as always, don't know how much use I'll get of them though with weather like this, I'm just grateful I actually got the chance to wear them this 'summer' lol! xoxo