Thursday 19 June 2014


baby skin primer review

drug store dupes

In the last couple of weeks I've been experimenting with drugstore brands that I would probably not have bothered with otherwise. Admittedly, I never try out the popular brands that you see on the TV ads, I usually just stick to my M.A.C, Benefit or such-like. So in a bid to be a bit more adventurous, I took advantage of the Superdrug 3 for 2 offer and picked this up in my combination. 

I have tried make-up primers before, one being Benefit's Porefessional which similarly to this has a very strange consistency & texture that take some time to get used to. Baby Skin from Maybelline has a nozzle for precision application. If like myself you struggle with a few open pores and a little acne scarring, these products are great once you get the hang of them. 

On the first few applications I really didn't like this product. I would put some on my face & work in using my fingertips. Disaster soon started when I would then go to apply my foundation, my once smooth & poreless skin would then look streaky, uneven & feel very heavy - contrary to it's 'lightweight' claims! However, I kept trying. I knew that there was a way to make this primer work.

I reached success when I applied a slightly lesser amount to exfoliated & moiturised skin and blended it in using a stipple brush. I think that the technique of using my fingertips was partly to blame in the streaky look I acheived before so I was delighted when the blending motion of the brush completely smoothed out my look. Since this product has a fairly powdery finish albeit a translucent gel, you can actually use a powder brush to blend it into the skin too without it causing your brushes any harm!

This works equally well on its own as it does a make-up primer & with the minimal price tag it's totally worth a try! 


  1. Love all things make-up! ..and this one is definitely a great bargain xo

    Aliona |

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