Wednesday 30 April 2014


Gold brogues matalan

                                                  Gold Laced Brogues - Matalan £12 

This week I moved offices & although I still work in the city centre - which by the way is gorgeous, we Scots don't appreciate how lucky we are - I now have to take the train and walk to our new building. 

Since I swore an oath throughout uni that I would never be that office lady with the smart ensemble sporting the tights & running shoes (not a good look), I had to invest in a new pair of flats to assist in the steady stride to work in the mornings.

I spotted these little numbers in Matalan, my new favourite it may seem! They're colour coded as 'gold' but I'd say they verge on being more of a rose gold which is fab since they match everything! I like that they're slightly distressed to, so although they're not real leather they could possibly pass for it since they're soft & grainy. 

I really loved a wee pair of Henry Holland ones that I spotted while taking my usual shortcut through Debenhams but I'm pretty satisfied with these numbers and at half the price, I can't complain can I ?

What do you think about metallic footwear? Do you sport the dreaded trainers & tights combo? eek! 

 Tell me all about it below! 


  1. Must admit I'm like you and don't really like the whole office outfit/trainer combo! These pretty brogues are a much better option! X

    1. aw it's awful Lyn! Fashion Police should be out in full force! xxx