Sunday 13 April 2014



Pastel Clutch

Floral Print Purse Clutch || Matalan £15 


I think that we can safely say that a post is well overdue! 

As you may or may not know, I started a new job & I've found it super difficult to balance work, family life, social life & everything else in between. I've finally settled into a routine & I'm going to put time aside on Sundays to catch up with the weeks purchases + finds.

And what a better way to come back to blogging normality than to show off this little baby! How cute can one clutch bag get?

I'm obsessed with this vintage floral print bag from Matalan which I honestly think could pass as a wee Topshop number! With my ice-cream coloured wardrobe shaping up nicely in prep for some summer weather (which doesn't look likely anytime soon ...) this is totally perfect for any outfit. 

I like that I can take it from day - evening with the detachable gold chain strap & at £15 how could I have said no? 

I hope you're all well!


  1. Love this! Would never know it was Matalan!

    1. You can totally borrow it! It's a holiday essential too, sharing is caring xxxxx