Friday 7 February 2014


Fishbowl vase - Dunelm-Mill £4.99

Artificial Roses - Home Bargains UK (similar here £2.99)

Tealight holders - gift.

Large Candle Trinket Box - Housewarming gift.

Yankee Medium Jar in 'Vanilla Frosting' - ASDA £8

My Friday Night In 

Since I'm enjoying a cosy night in tonight I thought I'd share my new favourites for making my livingroom homely - which to be fair at the moment is challenging to say the least since Fraser & I have just moved house where we're currently adopting a 'Feng Shui' approach to our seating arrangements with a variety of cushions scattered on the's becoming more & more uncomfortable everyday! *sob*

Nevertheless, I always think that firing on a few candles makes a huge difference at home, especially at nighttime. I must admit I used to be extremely skeptical of the troops of Yankee Candle loyalists who would hyperventilate at the thought of a new season scent, quite honestly I thought the were all mad! That was until I was gifted my very first Yankee almost 2 years ago, the day I was completely converted. It was a classic 'clean cotton' jar that seemed to last forever (i'm convinced it used to refill on it's own) & it wasn't for the want of using it, from that point I was hooked. 

So when I was in Asda I seen this jar of Vanilla Frosting from the Yankee Home collection at a total bargain price of £8 compared to a medium jar of Vanilla Cupcake quite similar in scent at over double the price at £16.49! Total no brainer here - naturally I bought two!

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