Saturday 8 February 2014

all white everything || the look for less than £100

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Hello! So recently I have been the Queen of 'matchy-matchy' & I'm in LOVE  with the white on white combinations I've been seeing everywhere! It's so clean, sharp & sophisticated but definitely not for the faint hearted (or the clumsy.. 'lunch on white on white' is totally not the look we're going for here!

My favourite things about this look:-

❤ it suits everyone! It can be worked to all shapes & personal styles.
most of us already have a little white shirt or blouse tucked away in the wardrobe.
the pieces you purchase will last a lifetime if you choose them carefully!
it looks so well thought out! 

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate in this look - she has perfected it! A mix between soft cuts and sharp tailoring is essential. She looks completely flawless. *stares in complete awe*

Kim Kardashian stylingKim Kardashian fashion style

I set myself a challenge to find a gorgeous little white-on-white combo for less than £100. Yes, that's head to toe including accessories. Mission accepted! (this was majorly ambitious)

My Look For Less 
fashion blog outfit of the day

Jasmine structured shift dress in white - £20   
White collarless blazer - New Look £29.99
Honorina snakeskin sandals in white - Missguided £39.99 
Envelope clutch with gold fastening & chain - Bag'Mama @ eBay £4.99
Gold ID curb chain - Bag'Mama @ eBay £4.49

Result! A complete outfit for a grand total of £99.46!!

I've completely fallen in love with this collarless blazer from New Look. This is a total must-have investment for any wardrobe & it's a steal at that price! It's new so I'd grab it before it goes... this is why I adore having a student card.

These beaaautiful platforms from Missguided are absolutely genuis, you can't tell from the picture but they have a gorgeous perspex toe detail - very Gianvito Rossi without the bank breaking (more like heart breaking) price tag!

I've become a major fan of a shift dress recently, especially since like most of us i'm still trying to beat the January muffin top! (okay I know it's February now...) I couldn't believe when I found this little gem on boohoo for 20 quid! They always pleasantly surprise me when I checkout! 

My chosen accessories are from a little eBay store set in the UK called Bag'Mama which I happened to stumble across one day when searching for little haberdashery bits & bobs. It's a fantastic discovery!! They offer free delivery & their products are super cheap - big thumbs up!

What do you think about white-on-white?


  1. Love this, I love getting the expensive style for cheap!

  2. Thank you Amy! I've had a look at Salted Roses & i love your style! gorgeous xxx