Thursday 27 February 2014



On my lunch hour today I decided to opt for a Boots 'Meal Deal' which boringly I will tell you is great value by the way! So as my drink of choice I picked up this little Innocent Smoothie because the gold sparkly packaging caught my eye! 

I think I subconsciously chose it as I seen the advert on last night during TOWIE & it says that every drink bought donates 10% to charity which I think is pretty lovely! 

It contains :-

23. Pressed red & white grapes 
3/4 mashed banana 
1/3 pressed pomegranate 
1/3 squeezed orange 
26 crushed blueberries 
A squeeze of lemon 
7 peeled acai berries 

All in one little 250ml bottle - how amazing! & at only 43cals per 100ml, how could I refuse! 

My first taste was beautiful, I can't quite figure out which flavour is most prominent but all I'll say is it is delightful. Never normally one for a smoothie, I think an innocent drink may turn into a regular lunch time occurrence! 

What do you think of innocent smoothies? Have you got a favourite I should try?    

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  1. I LOVE innocent smoothies! Always annoys me that when I try make my own smoothies they never taste anywhere near as delicious as an innocent one! haha.