Wednesday, 12 February 2014



I've been lusting all day over the vast amounts of pastels that are now available everywhere! Since the weather is so blah I thought it would cheer me up to have a little look around at all of my potential spring buys! This urge was brought about after my morning tea & browse through vogue where I found myself deeply saddened by the fact I will never own one of one of Burberry's beautiful pastel coats (if any kind soul wants to buy me one, the pink is my favourite!)

So having looked around online I felt I should dedicate this post to & their amaaaaaazing choices of pastel items across all clothing footwear & accessories - well done boohoo, mega impressed!

I absolutely LOVE  the nude coloured patent brogues from this pull. They're so versatile for any spring look plus the tassel detailing makes them look really expensive! I'll definitely be investing in a pair soon but it might seem more sensible to take advantage of one of's discount codes as they seem to be emailing them quite often now so I'll keep an eye out! 

The blue rose necklace is also a fav! Soooo cute plus it's nice & chunky to add a statement to simpler outfits I have lying around in my wardrobe. The adjustable length means it can be worn with a collar too & i think it would be a lovely pop of colour to add to my recent 'white-on-white' post! 

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what do you think about the re-emergence of pastel this Spring?


  1. I love all the pastel bits and bobs that are around just now! I feel like I need a tan to pull it off though :/ Can you be pale in pastels? x

    1. I know what you mean Rachael! I sometimes think that pale skin & pastel actually looks better!! Living in Glasgow we don't have much choice than to rock the Casper look lol! Xxx

  2. Hey! Love your blog!

    would you like to follow eachother,just follow me and ill follow right back! :)


  3. Lovely post! I'm loving pastel colours.

  4. OMG I need that batwing cardigan in my life! & I've just clicked on the link & they have loads of colours and now I want them all! haha!


    1. It's pretty amazing isn't it? Lovely to meet you on Friday misses! here's hoping there's something coming up soon xo