Sunday 23 February 2014


Hello dolls! 

So... as you can probably tell if you follow me on Twitter (i'm here!) I've been super busy recently! I started a new job & just can't seem to adjust to this 9 to 5 routine *subconsciously sings Dolly Parton* it almost seems impossible for me to do nothing else other than plonk myself in front of the TV for an hour and then start thinking about bed time - aaaanyway, this would explain why I've kind of neglected my little blog this week but since I've basically chilled out all weekend (& with a little help from some Pro-plus I purchased tonight) I have a feeling that won't be happening again! 

Despite my sleepy head all week, 5 o'clock struck & I literally couldn't wait to attend my very first bloggers event (eeeeeek!) with LUSH in Braehead! I like to be honest in my posts & I'll admit, i was pretty skeptical of the products offered by LUSH. I was always of the opinion that LUSH was well branded and marketed to have that rustic, eco-friendly look & that their products offered smelled amazing but maybe didn't have any real effects. Well, let's just say I was ill-educated on the power of this company. THEY'RE AMAZING. You would only have to base this on the enthusiasm the staff have for the organisation, the products & their morals. The knowledge these girls have of the products for sale is utterly astounding! This all stems for their own personal love❤ for it all. 

We were greeted with gorgeous cupcakes (always a plus! ) &  some little flutes of juice - very cute! Then we split into  teams where I was with my besty Eilidh (Maisy Meow) & Naomi (Fabugloss) who I'd just met for the first time, she was lovely! We got to sample lots of products from face masks, moisturiser, bubble bars, make-up - everything! 

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We had the pleasure of previewing all of the brand new Spring products for Mother's Day & Easter! They have an abundance of ideas for even the most picky mamas, or what's probably the biggest obstacle for my family.. we all have showers - no baths! So unfortunately we can't take a gorgeous bath bomb & chill out (not unless we want to have a 'sit down shower' lol!) But there's sooooo many other items I could use in my shower! 

One of the cutest gift ideas I've ever seen was this little flower bubble bar. Not only did it smell delicious but the leaf tag attached to it has seeds inside, so if you plant it & look after it it will bloom some wee petal friends for you two - it's like a double gift! 

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For me, the total eye opener was that when I read the label on the products I pretty much knew what most things were, unlike my usual skincare where the only recognisable ingredient is 'AQUA'!    

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After our amazing little tour & introduction to the new products we were all gifted with a gorgeous goody bag bursting with products! Thank you so much girls!!! I honestly never knew were to start, so I thought I'd give my face mask a try. Since i'm majorly prone to spots & break outs I thought my skin could use with a little TLC ❤ 

The mask I had in my goody bag was my favourite from the tour (sooo lucky!) Brazened Honey. Below, find a typical 'here's me with a face mask on' kind of picture.. which by the way I had waaaaay too much fun with snapchatting!

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Since I have problematic skin I didn't hold out much hope for completely astonishing results from a first time use which made my results even more amazing when I rinsed this off & seen my face in the mirror.

I'm filled with so much confidence to say that's me with no filter, no make-up, nothing. This was a brave step for me to take since I've always been so shy & embarrassed about my natural skin. It's by no means perfect but it has certainly made radical changes to my skin and my confidence, I'm still amazed that I'm actually publishing my wee bare face to the whole wide world - CRAZY! 

Since I've got so much to say about all of the products I'll have to spread it across a few posts! Also taking into account the fact I revisited today & bought more - ahhhh! The obsession has started!! 

What do you think of LUSH & what products would you recommend? 


  1. Looks like you had such a lovely time. I love Lush :) xx

  2. Yeah I did Nicola it was a brilliant night, I'm totally converted xx

  3. "My wee bare face" haha you're too cute. Sounds like Lush is worth getting into though! Can't believe I was home at the weekend and managed to miss a blogger event! xx

    1. Aww❤️ this was a huge achievement for me lol! It's amazing! I don't know where it's been all my life? Aw really!! That sucks, maybe we'll both be at the next one fingers crossed! xoxo

  4. I love this mask too! I've used it twice since Friday and I'm definitely going back this weekend to get the Ayesha face mask (if that's what it was called), the hair mask and that other shampoo! I have an ever growing wishlist!


    1. Me too it's my new addiction, when are you going would you fancy going on Saturday? I'm heading there anyway for my Aunty's birthday prezzie? xxx

  5. Lush face masks are seriously AMAZINGGGG! I love them! xx