Saturday 10 May 2014


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Hello everyone ♥...

As most of you will know my Fraser, Lola & I moved into our new house a few months ago. Although we're nowhere near finished I'm going to blog an update & my top tips for interior bliss

When we bought our house in November last year we knew we would have to do a lot of work to make it our own. Luckily, my handy man Grandpa & my Dad have helped up to restore our home to allow us to start again from a fresh canvas.

livingroom ideas

I'm a major fan of simplicity and clean, fresh looks at home. I love nothing more than nice bright spaces. In our flat we had a corner sofa, absolutely torture when you're trying to stay awake to watch a film - especially in the roomy corner because it's so cosy! As much as our sofa is huge, it's actually such a space saver since it is against the wall which is great for floor space when playing with Lola. We picked our sofa in 'Astoria White' & I'll not lie - I was nervous! Fraser & I like to have our family and friends around so I was dreading how the white sofa was going to go but we just picked up some lovely wee throws from IKEA for putting on the sitting part of the couch to stop the dye running from jeans etc. To be honest, it's actually been a lifesaver when we've had our nephews around because the leather cleans up any mess!

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We have an assortment of cushions on our couch from fur, cord, woven and the crazy string ones. Like in Fashion, I think it always looks great when you mix & match colour tones and textures to add interest and dimension to any look, even in interiors. To be fair to Fraser, he picked some of them too!

open inset fire

I've always wanted a fire so I can get cosy at night with a cup of tea and watch films! I'm actually looking forward to Christmas time this year already! PJ's, Chai Latte in  hand, ELF on the TV - sounds perfect! I don't know if the picture shows it, but we got an open fire so it's actually built into and flush with the wall. Because we were looking for a grand landscape effect, we got in touch with a company who make bespoke granite frame for fires & ta-da! this is the result. If you follow me on instagram (click to the right instagram icon to follow) you'll know that I sent Fraser to the shop to buy a freezer & then he came back with this TV! Boys will be boys! 

textured wallpaper

Since I've got this kind of natural woodland theme, with the fire and the trees vinyl wallpaper behind the sofa, I got this gorgeous textured paper for the chimney breast which is like tree bark *if a fairy sneezed all over it* which twinkles when the fire is on. 

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Depending on where they are, I sometimes think that radiators totally kill the mood of the room. I picked up this lovely white (naturally) radiator cover from B&Q to use as a little shelf and disguise the ghastly object in the corner! I've popped on a little birdcage which ties in with the theme and some lovely white roses, my favourite. You'll also notice my fav Yankee Home candle 'vanilla frosting' - it's the best smell ever!

mirrored console table glasgow

And now to my latest addition, the mirrored console table. This was well worth the 9 week wait! I've got mirrored furniture in my bedroom too and the amount of light it brings into a room is unbelievable. It's so fresh and bounces the sunshine around which is sooo pretty! I've got white rose overdose in the house but they bring so much glamour and style to a room that i don't think you can have too many real or artificial! Fraser picked up the little white woven candle holder for me and it's one of my favourite accessories at home. The woven basket on the floor is for storing all of Lola's toys to keep the place nice & tidy.

So basically that's where we're at so far! As much as there are really daring interior fashions at the moment, it's an expensive project! My advice would be to pick items that are not going to become outdated. Adding flowers to a rooms makes a huuuuuge difference. Candles are also a total must to create mood. 

                                                                      pick a theme
                                                                      keep it simple
                                                                      experiment with textures
                                                                      maximise your space
                                                                      make it match
                                                                      be happy!

What do you think of my livingroom? Have you got any suggestions or tips ?


  1. Wow what a beautiful room. You have me now planning a total overhaul of mine. My husband will hunt you down lol. Have followed your blog and can't wait to read more. i would love you to check out mine at

    1. Thanks misses! Haha I know Fraser goes crazy too when I get new ideas.. I'm currently planning a little family wall gallery on the wall above the console table! Love a wee home project. I'll have a look, thanks again! xxx

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  3. I love your living room :) I'll defo need your help when we move!

    1. I'll be in my element! It's definitely been the best part of moving, i hope you move round the corner! I have images of us running across the road in our onesies haha! xxx