Friday 23 May 2014


Rimmel Colour Rush

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I've had my eye on this chubby crayon from Rimmel for a little while now. I've been looking for a long-lasting lip product with a satin finish rather than something glossy or matte. One that i can pretty much apply & forget about for when I'm at work or having a busy day where make-up maintenance is not on the to-do list. I decided to pick up one in this beautiful candyfloss pink colour which stood out for me the most. For those of you who read you'll know that this shade is totally up my street - super girly and versatile too!! 

The I noticed when I opened this product was the gorgeous smell! It's most definitely vanilla creme, absolutely stunning. And what's even better is that the texture totally matches the scent. It's such a buttery creamy consistency but still holds its form together. I must admit, the balm aspect of it does not last very long, but then again maybe that's because I gab too much! In terms of the colours longevity, it gets a glowing review! I quite like the fact that this product gives a slight tint to the lips the way a lip stain would do. For me this is only a bonus however if this isn't something you're looking for then I would suggest it's not for you. You'd be mad not to like these long lasting effects though when people pay a fortune for semi-permanent make-up. Who wouldn't love lovely blush pink lips all day?

This crayon works on a mechanical retracting system for fuss-free application meaning that there's also no need for sharpening! Perfect!

Have you tried Colour Rush ?


  1. Haven't tried these but definitely a color I would wear! :D

    1. They're fab Gwen! I think you'd like them. They have a lovely red that you would really suit! Xxx

  2. I havent seen these, I’m probably going to check them out because i love Rimmel products.

    xx Xoaly