Sunday 11 May 2014


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It's Lauren's birthday! 

It's my brother's fiancée Lauren's birthday today & I literally find her the easiest person to buy for, probably because we have very similar taste! I thought what better kind of gift to buy her than a little selection of items to get her ready for Summer & her holidays. 

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These JuJu Jelly shoes were at the top of my list! As much as you can pick up some jelly shoes in other stores for less than a tenner, I find them really uncomfortable! You definitely get what you pay for and Office have an amazing selection of styles and colours. I chose the Maxi Low which are exclusives in this Pale Pink colour. For me, pink is a neutral, not just for Wednesdays (when there's an opportunity for a Mean Girls reference - I'm taking it!)

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Topshop was a definite in my list of shops to visit, which by the way has some unreal pieces in at the moment! It honestly took me all of my energy to remember this shop wasn't for my own wardrobe *sob*. I almost died when I spotted these as she's a major pug-lover, she'll totally appreciate these cute little socks as she adds to the drawer of other pug merchandise lol. Topshop have lots of cute printed socks in at the moment, some of them would be cute under some mary-janes to peek through the cut-outs. *wishlist*

fashion blogger glasgow fairy fatale

fashion bloggers glasgow

Next up, Forever 21. This is one of the shops you could probably go into one day with an empty suitcase, buy your entire holiday wardrobe and then go to the airport. I'm always soooo stuck for choice. It's like a total dream & for such a large store I always find them so well merchandised! Good job F21 .. You can never go wrong with a floral earring. Enamel ones are particularly great because they don't tarnish when they come into contact with perfume and make up! I think you're getting the theme here with the pink pieces!

Forever 21 glasgow

forever 21 glasgow

What's summer without some shades? These oversized numbers are so gorgeous. Since Lauren's a blondie I think she'll suit the colour of them too! They're also from Forever 21 which again was a hard choice because they have sooo many. They're surprisingly sturdy for being plastic too which I was pleased with. 

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Festival-chic looks will be on the cards with this cute little headband. Lauren's heading to T in the Park this year so I thought that this would be perfect! I can't resist a little rose either so it was a bit of a selfish buy because I'll be looking at it lol. It's totally on trend with the crochet band too!! 

You'll see from the first picture that there's a cute scarf in there too which is also from F21. This is a total essential for chilly festival evenings which also ends up doubling up as a blanket when you lose your tent lol... A 2-in-1 gift if you will... P.S - You'll thank me for this tip later!

What do you think of this gift? Would you be happy with it ?


  1. If someone bought me all this for my birthday I'd be over the moon! Those socks are the cutest things ever!

    1. Aw thanks Olivia! She was over the moon so I was soooo pleased! xxx

  2. Heeeeey Ash :) i've nominated you to do a post for the Leibster Award. Check out my post here for the details...

  3. I love the earrings. They are so pretty!