Sunday 18 May 2014


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Lush Dream Cream

'Dream Cream' Hand & Body Lotion | Lush £11.50

In a quest to find my perfect body lotion, I think I've found the one. We all know that I've totally been converted to Lush cosmetics since the start of the year. I find their products so different from any other brand.. they're exciting and come in various forms, whether it's jellies, powders, solids or creams - something is bound to take your fancy when you walk through the scent sensation. What I also love about Lush is their commitment to their core values in terms of remaining natural and fighting against animal testing. Like most of us, I'm pretty ignorant as to what actually goes on to get our products from manufacturer to make-up bag when I shop but in the same breath I'm totally against the cruel lengths that larger companies go to for product testing. 

So with that being said, I headed to Lush to try the 'Number 1 Lush Product' Dream Cream. On arrival, the lovely Victoria of Lush Braehead pointed me in the right direction to this little beauty which is now 'self preserving'. What does this mean you ask? The amazing people in the company have come up with an idea to remove the artificial preservation system from their products. So now the level of 'free-water', the water which occurs as a by-product of the chemical reaction that takes place in the product to keep bacteria from forming, is reduced as these synthetic methods are no longer needed! Although these parabens and synthetics are completely safe, Lush plan on being completely 'self preserving' across all of their cosmetics. 

Dream Cream is just one of the select range of products which has become completely self-preserving & the texture is just, well - Lush! (couldn't help myself!) Not only does the product now last longer but with the reduced amount of free-water it's thicker & more concentrated now too! I struggle with moisture-starved skin already but since I'm taking medication for mild acne this is a side effect too- so double the dryness. I applied this last night after showering and when I woke up this morning my skin still felt like a dream! 

Enriched in soothing Oatmilk, restorative Rose Absolute, calming Lavender oil & conditioning Organic Cocoa Butter, the product significantly changes skins appearance. The beautiful skin-quenching cocoa butter is the most predominant fragrance in the cream which lasts on the skin as I could still smell it this morning when I woke up. 

I've seen a massive difference on the little bit of Keratosis Pilaris I have on the back of my arms. (small bumps). I've never really found a cure for this even at the doctors so fingers crossed that with continued use this might subside

Have you tried this product? What's your favourite body lotion?

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